Core Finesse Studio

    Starting is the hard part......finishing is what ​matters

What we do

Assess your Fitness

Haven't gymmed it for a while? No worries! We'll take you through a 30-minute health and fitness assessment to check you're ready to go!

You're Ready!

Have a look at our timetable, what classes/genres of exercise float your boat?  Is it a bit of boxing, high intensity training, or you wanna go hardcore with our strength and conditioning classes? Whatever you're into, we'll make sure you're doing it right and to the best of your ability!

Get Better at it!

Track your fitness with our app, SugarWOD (free access to Core Finesse members!)  Set and achieve your goals.

Want some help?

We don't just do classes ya know!

We're also awesome Personal Trainers, ready to help you get to where you want to be, counsel you through the bad days, and cheer you on through the good ones! Plus we can set you your very own workout program to follow.  Just ask us 

(fees apply)

Our Classes

CF45 CircuitBOX


Functional Fitness


Try something different!

Meet your Coach

Corinne Davall 

As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I am dedicated to helping people from all walks of life, helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. It is my mission to pass on my knowledge and expertise on how to achieve long term benefits from exercise, and to be fitter, stronger and healthier than you have ever been.

At the tender age of 58, I know how tough it can be to get started with exercise if it's been a while since you set foot in a gym, or indeed if you have never set foot in one!  The best way to get started is 1-on-1 coaching.  You'll not only gain confidence in what you're doing, but you'll feel so good you'll want to do more!

Why not contact me on 0412 069 470 or direct message me on Instagram or Facebook (Core Finesse) today!

Meet yo​ur Coach

Aline Soares

Hi, I've just started with CF and I'm so excited! My native country is Brazil, hence my firey personality! I'm passionate about helping people achieve their goals, get fitter and stronger, and be well and healthy.  As a Personal Trainer I can teach you how to lift safely, what exercises are good for your body type, keep you motivated and hungry for success!

Do you play sport? Having attained my physical education/teaching degree in my home country, I am qualified to help you get the most benefit for your chosen sport. 

Call me now so we can get you started on your fitness journey - I guarantee you won't regret it! 

Call: 0426 748 917 to make an appointment!

Class Timetable

With our selection of class programs, we're sure you'll find something that floats your boat! Go to:

Core Finesse Pty Ltd

Unit 3 / 56 Audrey Avenue, Blair Athol  SA  5084​

Tel: Corinne on 0412 069 470                                       

 Tel:  Aline on 0426 748 917

Email: [email protected]